AutoCAD 2025
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AutoCAD has a flexible subscription model that makes new features available with each release.

Professional architects, engineers, and designers use best-in-class AutoCAD features to get their work done with speed and precision.

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Key features of AutoCAD 2025

Professional architects, engineers, and designers use best-in-class AutoCAD LT® features to get their work done with speed and precision.

New in AutoCAD 2025

Smart Blocks: Search and Convert

Quickly search your drawings for objects to convert

into instances of a newly defined block, an existing

or recently used block with the help of Autodesk AI.

Hatch Improvements

Bring clarity to your designs with convenient updates

to the familiar HATCH command. Add texture to your

drawings through patterns, fills, and paths—without

pre-defined shapes or enclosed boundaries.

Smart Blocks: Object Detection Tech Preview

Improve design efficiency and save time

when cleaning up drawings by automatically

recognizing objects to convert into blocks

with the help of Autodesk AI.*

ArcGIS® Basemaps

Ground your site plans with real-world geographical

information. Access five Basemaps in the form

of high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery,

OpenStreetMaps and Streets, along with light

and dark gray monochrome map styles.

Activity Insights Updates

Access to essential design data with detailed multiuser

event logs—tracking for over 35 activity types

including version history and file comparison tools.

Markup Import from Autodesk Docs

Import and connect PDF markups from Autodesk Docs.

Once synced, markups made in Autodesk Docs will

continue to update in a Trace layer.

Recent AutoCAD features

Smart Blocks: Replacement

Quickly find the blocks you need by replacing one or more blocks with suggestions by Autodesk AI, recently used blocks, and manual substitutae block selection.

Smart Blocks: Placement

Automatically place blocks in your drawing based on where you’ve inserted the same ones thus far in your DWG file, reducing the number of clicks and saving you time in the process


Automate the counting of blocks or objects within a selected area or throughout your and navigate through your counted objects.


Add design change notes and markups without altering your existing drawing from AutoCAD desktop in addition to the web and mobile apps.

Markup Assist Updates

Make cross-platform markup workflows faster

through expanded capabilities with Autodesk

AI and essential experience improvements

Streamlined collaboration

With an AutoCAD subscription customers can capture, share, and review ideas on the go.

  • View, edit, markup, and share drawings from virtually any device.
  • Make assessments and changes in the field, enabling real time feedback and collaboration.
  • Easily add blocks, manipulate layers, and take measurements wherever they are.
  • Access up-to-date working files in AutoCAD, Autodesk Docs, and cloud storage.

Extend functionality

Seven specialized toolsets for architecture, mechanical design, 3D mapping, and more are included with an AutoCAD subscription.

  • Across seven studies, customers increased productivity by 63% on average for tasks completed using a specialized toolset in AutoCAD.**
  • Access libraries of 750,000+ symbols, parts, and detail components.  
  • Automate floor plans, sections, elevations, and more.

Annual Subscription

PHP 104,201.00

(Prices may change without prior notification)
  • Enjoy unlimited access to your product for 1 year
  • Support your short-term projects with powerful Autodesk products.

3-Year Subscription

PHP 312,603.00

(Prices may change without prior notification)
  • Get guaranteed pricing for 3 years
  • Rely on predictable software budgeting.
  • Improve operational efficiency for users and admins.